Tugboat and pushboat jobs are attractive for the same reason that
other inland and coastal marine jobs are, such as ferries and water
taxis. The wages can be attractive…but unlike other seagoing jobs,
the work might not require being away from home for months on
end. Prospects for tugboat employment will depend on your Coast
Guard license, whether you hold endorsements for towing, coastal
or other endorsements, your familiarity with specific bodies of water
if you’re applying for a captain or mate position, your familiarity with
a particular plant (CAT, EMD, GM) if you’re an engineer, your level of
experience, your geographic location or willingness to relocate.

Tugboat companies regularly look for captains, mates, able
seamen, deckhands, chief engineers, designated duty engineers,
assistant engineers, marine engineers, and QMED (qualified
members of the engine department). Keep in mind some of these
titles can describe the same position, depending on the company.

Tugboat and towing companies also search for shoreside
positions such as dispatchers, port engineers, maintenance
personnel, human resources staff, purchasing staff, accountants,
bookkeepers, and administrative staff. The inventory of shoreside
positions can vary with the tugboat company. A small company in
upstate New York with two tugs might not post a “help-wanted” ad
for ten years. On the other hand, a large company that operates a
fleet of twenty tugs and runs its own shipyard could regularly seek
qualified personnel to work as port engineers, dispatchers,
welders, AutoCAD operators, electricians, propeller technicians,
designers, marine mechanics, pipefitters, sheetmetal workers,
carpenters and painters in addition to the seagoing positions for
captains, mates, chief engineers, assistant engineers, DDE’s,
QMED’s, able bodied seamen (or able seamen, depending on what
the company calls the position), deckhands, tankermen, cooks and

Salaries and wages will vary with vessel size, the size of the
company, hours per week of work, and regularity of work. Payscales
will also depend on the grade of Coast Guard license, limits of
tonnage, limits of horsepower, towing and other endorsements.
Salary and wage information for different geographic areas can be
obtained from the regional offices of state departments of labor,
listed below. Aside from salary and wage information, these offices
may be able to provide other valuable job information and
employment resources.

Good luck and smooth sailing!

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counseling, legal advice and counseling, resume writing
consultancy or other professional assistance, they should seek the
services of a professional in that area.
U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage

ALABAMA - Montgomery, AL - (334) 242-8859
ALASKA - Juneau, AK - (907) 465-4518
ARIZONA - Phoenix, AZ - (602) 542-3871
ARKANSAS - Little Rock, AR - (501) 682-4500
CALIFORNIA - Sacramento, CA - (916) 262-2160
COLORADO - Denver, CO - (303) 318-8850
CONNECTICUT, Wethersfield,CT, (860) 263-6255
DELAWARE - Wilmington, DE - (302) 761-8052
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (202) 671-1633
FLORIDA - Tallahassee, FL - (850) 488-1048
GEORGIA - Atlanta, GA - (404) 232-3875
GUAM - Tamuning, GU - (671) 475-7062
HAWAII - Honolulu, HI - (808) 586-8996
IDAHO - Boise, ID - (800) 772-2553
ILLINOIS - Chicago, IL - (312)
INDIANA - Indianapolis, IN - (317) 232-7460
IOWA - Des Moines, IA - (515) 281-0255
KANSAS - Topeka, KS - (785) 296-5058
LOUISIANA - Baton Rouge, LA - (225) 342-3141
MAINE - Augusta, ME - (207) 287-2271
MARYLAND - Baltimore, MD - (410) 767-2250
MASSACHUSETTS - Boston, MA - (617) 626-6556
MICHIGAN - Detroit, MI - (313) 456-3090
MINNESOTA - St. Paul, MN - (651) 282-2714
MISSISSIPPI - Jackson, MS - (601)
MISSOURI - Jefferson City, MO - (573)
U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage
information (cont'd)

MONTANA - Helena, MT - (406) 444-2430
NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE - (402) 471-9964NEVADA -
Carson City, NV - (775) 684-0387
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Concord, NH - (603) 228-4123
NEW JERSEY - Trenton, NJ 08625 - (609) 292-0099
NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque, NM - (505) 222-4683
NEW YORK - Albany, NY - (518) 457-6369
NORTH CAROLINA - Raleigh, NC - (919) 733-2936
NORTH DAKOTA - Bismarck, ND - (701) 328-2868
OHIO - Columbus, OH - (614) 752-9494
OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma City, OK - (405) 557-7265
OREGON - Salem, OR - (503) 947-1212
PENNSYLVANIA - Harrisburg, PA - (717) 787-3266
PUERTO RICO Hato Rey, PR - (787) 754-5340
RHODE ISLAND - Cranston, RI - (401) 462-8767
SOUTH CAROLINA - Columbia, SC - (803) 737-2660
SOUTH DAKOTA - Aberdeen, SD - (605) 626-2314
TENNESSEE - Nashville, TN - (615) 741-2284
TEXAS, Austin, TX
UTAH - Salt Lake City, UT - (801) 526-9401
VERMONT - Montpelier, VT - (802) 828-4153
VIRGIN ISLANDS, Charlotte Amalie, VI 340 776-3700
VIRGINIA - Richmond, VA - (804) 786-7496
WASHINGTON - Lacey, WA - (360) 438-4804
WEST VIRGINIA - Charleston, WV - (304) 558-2660
WISCONSIN - Madison, WI - (608) 267-2393
WYOMING - Casper, WY - (307) 473-3807

Bouchard Transportation
58 South Service Rd
Melville, New York, 11747

Brusco Tug & Barge
Columbia River
Longview, WA

Crowley Maritime
155 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
510 251 7500

Donjon Marine
1250 Liberty Avenue,
Hillside, New Jersey 07205

Foss Maritime Company
660 W. Ewing Street
Seattle, WA 98119

Great Lakes Group
4500 Division Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102-2228

K-Sea Transportation
3245 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10303

McAllister Towing
17 Battery Pl - Suite 1200
New York, New York 10004

Moran Towing
Corporate Office
50 Locust Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840

Reinauer Transportation
1983 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10302

Roehrig Maritime L.L.C.
One School Street
Glen Cove, New York 11542

Stevens Towing Company
4170 Highway 165
Yonges Island, SC 29449

Vane Brothers Company
2100 Frankfurst Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21226

Although we didn't notice
employment pages at the
time we visited, these are
other companies that
operate tugs in the United

Island Tug and Barge
Campbell Maritime
Dana Tugs
Fremont Tugboat Company
Gaelic Towing
When you visit the tug and
towing company links, job
postings include:

Captain or "Master”, under
these US Coast Guard
license qualifications:
▪ 100 Ton Master
▪ 200 Ton Master  
▪ 500 Ton Master  
▪ 1600 Ton Master  
and sometimes seeking
other qualifications such as
towing endorsements,
coastal, ocean
endorsements, GMDSS or
STCW 95.

Mate , under this United
States Coast Guard license:
▪ 100 Ton Mate
▪ 200 Ton Mate  
▪ 500 Ton Mate  
▪ 1600 Ton Mate  
and sometimes seeking
towing endorsements,
coastal, ocean
endorsements, GMDSS and
STCW 95.

Barge Captain

Able Bodied Seaman
, or Able
or AB

May require STCW

Chief Engineer , need to hold
this Coast Guard license:
▪ Chief Engineer Limited
▪ Chief Engineer Unlimited

Designated Duty Engineer  
under USCG license:
▪ Designated Duty Engineer
Some companies call their
Marine Engineer

Utility Worker
Marine Mechanic
Green Trainee
or Trainee

Companies may require
STCW, MMD (merchant
marine document, or Z Card)
Where a larger company
operates its own shipyard or
maintenance facility, they may
seek the following:

Welder, Marine Electrician,
Pipe Fitter, Carpenter,
Electronics Technician,
Painter, Administrative,
Accounting, Personnel,
Laborer and more.

Work on tugboats can take
one around the entire United
States. We are trying hard to
make sure this site helps
people looking to work on
boats in the Northeast, New
England, Long Island, Jersey
Shore, Chesapeake Area,
Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf
of Mexico, West Coast, and
Pacific Northwest.
Welcome to tugboatjobs.net.
This website was made to help
people find work in the
maritime industry aboard
tugboats, towboats, pushboats
and other workboats engaged
in towing, transportation,
salvage and environmental
work. This website is free. You
don’t have to buy anything from
us. We'd like to think of it as a
"bailout" for the working person
who hasn't been getting any
bailouts these days.
Interviewing - Mates - Chief Engineers -
Designated Duty Engineers - Deckhands -
Able Bodied Seamen - Tankermen -
Dispatchers - QMED
Do you have what it takes to
teach? Are you confident enough
about your skills that you could  
pass them along
in a school setting?
If your answer is
"yes", look into
academic positions
at L.E. Fletcher
Community College
in Houma, Louisiana.
They are seeking
Marine Operations
Adjunct Instructors.
Go to the
Grab Bag section on the
menu bar at left to learn more.
Today's tugboat officer is a unique
professional. He or she is warehouse
of knowledge about navigation,
meteorology, engineering,
seamanship, and practical law. For
the uninitiated, it's difficult to explain
what life on a tugboat is like, but
Working Aboard the New Jersey
Sun, does it well. It's on our Life at
page, which also features a
tugboat accident with a bridge
(footage of another
accident...  being capsized while still
in ship assist mode). For those guys
and girls who want to step back from
the helm or throttle and share their
knowledge, there is the
New York
Harbor School, a special school for
giving kids an introduction to working
on the water. Some of the positions
require teaching certifications. There
is also L.E. Fletcher Community
College, featured in our grab bag (see
the text below, underneath the deck
license question, with the woman
pulling down the rolling screen).
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A cook's
escape from
Deepwater Horizon,
owned by

leased to BP, in the
Gulf of Mexico.
Good Evening...  I'm
Doug Shepherd at
WTUG News, reporting
on a
related prosecution,
a tour boat accident ,
advanced Z-Drive
boat , and training &
education jobs.
Trivia: What is yaw ?
Turbocharger vs.
. Is
there a difference?
Find out at
The NTSB is currently
investigating the tragic accident
between a barge and tour boat
in Phiadelphia. The 5th
Amendment has been invoked
and questions are arising about
many legal issues. Read more
t Important Laws .
The Smoking Lamp is
not anymore on
nuclear subs. See
Life at
Sea . Also, new deck and
positions with
the federal gov't.
Please be careful  
hazards of
barges. Please use
care around these
Trivia: What is STCW ?
A New Book about
working in the industry.
It covers how to put
together a winning
resume and how to get
hired in this competitive
job market. The book is
So You Want to
Work on a Boat . New
at Amazon Books
World War II Shipwreck
Aboard the Ellen McAllister
Marine Construction
It's Your Move...
A New Book about
children who spend the
day aboard a
hardworking harbor tug
named Pegasus. The
book is called  
A Day in the Harbor
The new book is in color
and is 34 pages long.
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National Maritime Center is
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Has your small
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Small Business
Guidance and
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with the SBA.
Good Luck
Coffee Mug with painting by marine artist Tim
Malcolm Hughes - RMS Mauretania in Dazzle
Paint Scheme during World War One
Coffee Mug with painting by marine artist Tim
Malcolm Hughes -
Crowley Guard and Container
Ship Tokyo Express